covers of many children's booksOver 1,000 children’s books for ages preschool through 6th grade were collected at the 119th TXDAR State Conference held in San Antonio in March of 2018.   These books were then donated to the Warrior and Family Support Center at the San Antonio Military Medical Center.

The Warrior and Family Support Center is a large, bustling facility, full of life and encouraging, positive energy.  Active military members and their families participate in a variety of daily and weekly activities at this large center, a haven away from hospital treatment areas.

Children of active military members who are registered at the Center are encouraged to choose a book from the children’s bookshelves, located in a main hallway near the indoor play area. Each child is allowed to keep their chosen book. These books are used to encourage family interaction between the child and the active service member being treated for illness and/or injury, such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Texas Daughters are proud to support our active military families while also promoting literacy.

Jan Garrison
State Chair DAR Project Patriot