Plarn mats rolled and ready to distribute

Plarn mats rolled and ready to distribute

To promote conservation and assist the homeless veterans of the community, the General Levi Casey Chapter, NSDAR joined with the ladies’ crochet group of the Bethel Lutheran Church to create sleeping mats from PLARN. The group created PLARN (plastic yarn) from plastic shopping bags at the meetings. Plarn is made by cutting plastic grocery bags into strips, which are then strung together into a single long strand. Once the strand is created, roll it into a ball and crochet or knit as you would with normal yarn. PLARN making parties were held where 65 mats were

constructed and donated to the homeless of the community.


Over 110 volunteers from the chapter, the crochet Mats before rollinggroup, Girl Scouts and including 33 children from a local Community Recreation Center made PLARN from over 46,000 plastic bags to create the mats.  This was an excellent project to recycle the bags therefore keeping them out of the landfills and to provide a mat for the homeless without cost.

The mats were presented to the veterans at a regular luncheon for the homeless at the Cornerstone Baptist Church.  The members of the group were pleased to join in serving 300 meals to the homeless at this luncheon.

Lady sitting among sacks of plastic bags before plarningThis was also an excellent way to join with others of the community to promote the goals of the Daughter of the American Revolution.

Ann Newsom
General Levi Casey Chapter, NSDAR