Texas DAR Armed Services Awards

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The DAR has always been a strong supporter of our national defense, particularly in crucial times of our history.

The National Defense Committee was established in 1926 to include: promotion of an enlightened public opinion as to our nation’s security and defense through publications, resolutions and informative literature, all to advocate a strong American military defense; preservation of our American heritage of freedom; protection of the Constitution of the United States; and insurance of the survival of our nation’s sovereignty.

Texas DAR recognizes men and women in military service at seven military bases in the State of Texas. This recognition began in 1958 by Mrs. Felix Irwin, State Regent, who established an Outstanding Instructor Pilot award at Corpus Christi Naval Air Station and Randolph Air Force Base.

Mrs. W. D. Tiner, State Regent 1983-1985, expanded these awards, establishing awards at Fort Bliss, Fort Sam Houston, Lackland Air Force Base, Fort Hood, and Sheppard Air Force Base.

Texas Armed Services Awards were enacted by Mrs. John Kenneth Harrell, State Regent 1991-1994, to include Goodfellow Air Force base at San Angelo  and additional awards at Corpus Christi Naval Air Station and Randolph Air Force Base.

Texas DAR is very proud of the accomplishments of the recipients and wishes to state our appreciation to every one of the men and women in the military, for they are rendering the greatest of citizen services in defense of our country.