The five Montgomery County Texas Chapters (Coushatti Trace, Joanna Troutman, Margaret Montgomery, Spring Creek, & Twin Creeks) collaborated on a Veterans Day event honoring all veterans and commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Spring Creek chapter member and State Vice Chair of Commemorative Events Kim Cantwell lead the chapters in work, along with the Montgomery County Memorial Veterans Park, in order to commission a permanent marker for the park.

The chapters raised funds, sought and received approval for the marker from the Historian General’s office, and the Park Commission had the marker manufactured. The public and DAR members were invited to “Walk the Walk” for 24 hours prior to the event. During this part, those attending walked the mat in 21 steps while carrying an American flag, with the 21 steps honoring the steps taken by the tomb guards. At the ceremony, DAR members handled sign-in, handed out programs, lead pledges, gave awards and presented the marker to over 750 veterans and members of the community.

This new park is a place of honor and remembrance for all veterans. The Montgomery County DAR chapters were privileged to participate in this 2021 Veterans Day event!

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