The La Villita Chapter NSDAR, College Station, Texas, achieved the goal of 10% new members growth by application, and gained two new members in the fourth quarter of the year, to promote membership and service to God, home, and country.

Members helped set the membership goals. We used a chart to recognize new members and also the member who invited them to apply for membership.

La Villita Chapter's goal for membership was set as “20 for 2020" to obtain 20 new members in the year 2020; a 10% increase in membership. At our regular January meeting, the Membership Committee displayed a recruiting poster during the social and committee exhibits time to encourage recruitment.

The poster: 1) encouraged every current member to recruit members and serve on the Membership Team, 2) recognized those who had helped recruit new members in 2019, 3) showed our goal of 20 for 2020, and 4) included - “Every Member Is ON the Membership Team - Recruit, Involve/Train, Retain.” We also had four handouts to support every member helping recruit new members: 1. New Members, Our Greatest Resource, 2. Invite a Friend/Family to Join La Villita DAR, 3. DAR Elevator Pitch, 4. Recruit and Retain Members.

In 2020, La Villita surpassed our membership goal, with 28 new members approved. Members helped

recruit family, friends, and potential members for DAR membership to honor their patriot, to promote DAR, and to provide service in education, historic preservation and patriotism.

At the December virtual meeting, during membership committee reports, the 2020 “We Did It” chart was shown, congratulating members for achieving the goals.

Our goal poster from January 2020 is shown on the left of the poster. On the right are our 2020 results with a record 28 new members and their “recruiter” for this year.