Born in Jones County, Nancy Masters grew up on a cotton farm in the early 1950s when dust storms of fearful magnitude frequently shifted land around with reckless abandon making farming cotton a challenge. Her parents imparted to Nancy, her older sister and brother a strong work ethic, love of family and sense of patriotism. She is one of Today's DAR members.

As a young girl, Nancy watched World War II airplanes fly into the local airport for refitting for civilian use. Captivated by the idea of flying, she was determined someday she would learn to fly airplanes. After high school, she had the opportunity to take flying lessons when she convinced her employer that knowing how to fly would help her do her job better.

Not only did she achieve her dream of flying, she has flown many different planes and to places she had never dreamed of going. She became the first civilian woman to fly a B-52 bomber from Dyess AFB throughout the country on a full training mission. It required special permission from the Department of Defense and an act of Congress because Public Law 10-12 prohibited women from flying combat aircraft at that time.  Another unique experience for her came via an invitation from the National Science Foundation to participate in a three month expedition to Antarctica.

Nancy is a published author with more than forty books to her credit.  She has written books for children and adults which emphasize patriotism - “The Fabulous Flying Flag Farm,“ “Extraordinary Patriots.” For twenty-three years she wrote aviation articles which appeared in newspapers across America.

Nancy Masters amazing DAR woman and one of Today's DAR daughtersShe spends many hours every year going into schools around the country, teaching students about the American flag, patriotism and the opportunity they have to be and do anything they want. Nancy urges students to learn the history of this country - “the power of the past propels us to the future” - to learn to read and write because it will “give them power to succeed.”

Nancy is a twenty-five year member of the John Davis Chapter NSDAR where she serves as second Vice-Regent and plans the most interesting programs and activities for meetings. Her passion for distributing flags and code booklets captured for John Davis first place in the “Most Flag Codes” at the 126th Continental Congress.

Nancy Robinson Masters is an amazing woman and an outstanding Daughter of the American Revolution.